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Retractable Solutions

Motorized Screens

Motorized Screens are perfect for a number of applications. They can be used on Garages, Summer Kitchens, Sliding Glass Wall Systems, Covered Entry-ways and Porches. Our Motorized Screens are designed with many Standard features that other companies sell as upgrades, such as, Obstacle Detection Motors, 80%-95% Solar screen material and Remote Controls. At the press of a button you can create a pest free environment that is cool and comfortable, in addition to providing you with a measure of privacy.

LifeStyle Screens

LIFESTYLE Screens are the ideal solution for your Garage, whether it houses just your vehicle and storage or its your ultimate Man-Cave OR She-Cave. Lifestyle screens are manually operated to work in conjunction with your existing garage door while keeping pests and debris from entering your garage. All Lifestyle screens come standard with a center retractable door, built right in! 

Retracable Screen Doors

We all enjoy the fresh air from time to time, but with the ever present mosquitoes and other biting bugs, it makes opening your door a never ending battle. Retractable Screen Doors are the answer! Our retractable screen doors are custom designed to fit a wide variety of door applications, from Standard Entry doors to French doors. Our retractable screen doors can be mounted either inside or outside depending on the swing of your door system. These quality doors are all made with extruded aluminum parts and can withstand the rigor of continuous use. With one hand operation and speed reducers built in not only are these functional but they are aesthetically appealing for any home decor.

Sliding Panels

Sliding panels have been around for quite a few years and the quality of fabrication has greatly improved. Our Garage Sliding Panels are sturdy, using extruded aluminum rails and stiles that hold up year after year. We use nylon and neoprene rollers the give you a smooth glide every time, and thumb locks allow you to lock your panels for a measure of security. Sliding Panels can be used many places other then just the garage such as your back Porch. We also offer vinyl inserts as an option.